Board Responsibilities

Note: Some jobs/positions are/can be shared by all board members or special non-board committees formed to make sure items that are important to the community are taken care of.

 Assistant Lay Director - Helps the Community Lay Director as needed.  Fills in for the director when they are not available.

 Assistant Spiritual Director - Works with the Community Spiritual Director.

 Auxiliary - This person finds auxiliary leaders for the walks and works with them to find servants for each task.

 Chrysalis - This person attends Chrysalis meetings and reports to the Emmaus Board on ways we can assist the Chrysalis community.

 Community Lay Director - This person directs the Board during meetings and assures that the board functions to serve the community as directed by the Upper Room covenant.

 Community Spiritual Director - This trained and experienced individual provides spiritual direction to the board, and through a community of spiritual directors, to each weekend and to the community as a whole.

 Gatherings - This person is responsible for finding speakers, musicians, and clergy for the monthly gatherings.

 KAE T-Shirts Etc.  - Orders Emmaus memorabilia, organizes sales tables and directs assistants during walks and gatherings.

 Kitchen - The Kitchen Head recruits workers and facilitates others to successfully plan and cook for both the menís and womenís Walks.

 Literature and Supplies - This person is responsible for all materials needed during the walk including art materials, cups, napkins, envelopes, toiletries, pilgrim packets, book table materials, purple books, posters, and housekeeping materials. They are responsible for keeping inventory lists updated and providing supplies as needed.

 Music & Entertainment - This individual finds music and entertainment volunteers for the Saturday night dinner.

 Newsletter - This individual writes articles, edits, publishes, and mails the bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter is to inform the community of gatherings, Walks, and Emmaus activity.

 Nominations - This person leads a team in finding active community members to serve on the board. Recommendations are presented to the Board and voted on by the community members.

 Outside Agape - This individual compiles agape letters from communities around the world for each walk. He/she also sends agape letters from our community to other Emmaus communities worldwide.

 Prayer Vigil - This person is responsible for contacting and recruiting members of the community to pray during each Walk from beginning to end. A list is prepared for the conference room.

 Promotions - This individual provides presentations to church groups throughout West Michigan about the Walk to Emmaus.

 Publicity - Provides posters, ads, and promotional materials as needed for the community.

 Registrar - The registrar receives and processes registration for the Walks and communicates with Pilgrims and Sponsors on the status for their attendance to a scheduled Walk. He/she prepare names tags and labels for the crosses.

 Secretary - The secretary takes, prepares, and distributes minutes for the Board meetings each month. He/she also provides any other clerical duties as needed by the Board.

 Site Selection - These individuals lead a team charged with finding and securing suitable sites for the Walk to Emmaus events.

 Sponsorship Hour, Candlelight, Closing - These individuals are responsible for conducting the sponsor service. They are responsible for all aspects of candlelight from learning about the facility lighting controls, arranging for musicians and clergy, to distributing and collecting the candles. They also assist with closing however they are needed.

 Trailer/Setup/Cleanup - This individual is responsible for maintaining and transporting the trailer of Emmaus supplies to walks and retreats. He/she also supervise the set-up and clean-up for each Walk.

 Training - The trainer prepares and conducts training sessions for sponsorship and for the conference room members. He/she travels to churches and gatherings presenting training as requested.

 Treasurer - The treasurer prepares monthly reports on the status of the budget, pays bills as needed, and provides records for the audit.